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Giving is a response to God’s grace toward us.


Why Give?

We believe that money is undeniably linked to worship, both corporately and individually. You may have heard someone say that the Bible talks more about money than it does anything else. We think it is better to say that the Bible uses money more than anything else to talk about issues of our hearts!

Giving doesn’t gain us favor with God. Giving doesn’t award us status among others. Jesus has already secured all that we need. Rather, giving is a response to God's grace.

Perhaps you’re still skeptical. That’s okay. We acknowledge that institutions, like the Church, have made grievous financial blunders throughout history. We hope you find Immanuel Fellowship to be a place that disarms cynicism, warms the heart to God’s work in world, and operates with a transparency that builds trust. 


Give Online

Click below to make one time or recurring credit card donations through Planning Center, our church database software. Additionally, electronic funds transfer (also know as ACH) is available through Planning Center (This is our preferred automated method as it has the lowest fees).


Give by Cash or Check

There are several ways you can give via cash or check to Immanuel Fellowship. Give by mail or on Sundays at our Worship Gatherings. Please make checks payable to Immanuel Fellowship and send to:

Immanuel Fellowship
4129 Elliot Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55407


Give by Automatic Bill Pay

Automatic bill pay is another way to give regularly and consistently at Immanuel. When adding a recurring payment for Immanuel Fellowship, note that our mailing address is 4129 Elliot Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407.