Perhaps you have dismissed the presence (or existence) of God altogether. Maybe you question whether God has any power to affect change in the world. You’re not alone. Many of our neighbors experience God this way. 

But... what if God was present? What if God was at work everywhere? What if the Kingdom of God was among us?  

Imagine the Southside filled with people alive to the presence and power of God. Scores and scores of people vitally connected to King Jesus himself — radiating with His grace and truth. What wouldn’t be possible then? If God was not distant, ritualized, or compartmentalized… but present. Everywhere. 

Our work could have purpose. Our families could learn faithfulness. Our neighborhoods could see justice. Our city could taste flourishing. Moreover, the gracious presence of Jesus (Immanuel) would create unity and harmony across racial, economic, and cultural dividing lines. True community (Fellowship) would be possible. Real collaboration normal. Genuine revival inevitable. All because of Jesus.