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Sundays. Domingos.
10am @ Laura Ingalls Wilder.



Preguntas, dudas, y curiosidad. Dale.Whether you follow Jesus, question the existence of God, or find yourself somewhere in between, our worship gatherings are for you. 

Although Immanuel Fellowship is a new church, we are rooted in historic Christianity. Creative and innovative yet classic at the core. Creativa pero todavía clasica. We believe the real Jesus is at work all around us... even as you read these words!

Starting in September 2018, we began gathering weekly for corporate worship in the Laura Ingalls Wilder auditorium. Join us for a Sunday service at 10:00am. 


What can I expect?

Expect to not only hear about the gospel, but experience it as well. Our Sunday Gatherings have a form to them, designed to shape us as followers of Christ. Yet they also feel informal, sort of like family. Babies cry. People laugh. Some members “talk back.” In this way, we pray structure always submits to Spirit, and we long for our liturgy to always stay lit. 


What about my QUESTIONS & doubts?

Bring ‘em. Our Sunday Gatherings are designed with those seeking, skeptical, or curious in mind. We would love to thoughtfully explore your questions about God and Christianity with you. During/after the service, we regularly host Q&A for people to ask questions. No scripts. Nothing off limits. Just honest answers to thoughtful questions. Skeptics are welcome. Seriously.


¿No hablas Ingles? 

Ingles es nuestra idioma principal pero se habla Español. The Southside is an amazing place to live. There are 100+ languages spoken in the surrounding area! The gospel reminds us that God has graciously welcomed us in Christ. Therefore, it’s our joy to welcome others, even amidst economic, ethnic, or cultural differences. 

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What entrance? Where can I park?

The auditorium at Wilder where we hold our worship gathering is located on the corner of Chicago Ave and 34th Street. The New Families Welcome Center in the southwest corner of the building is Immanuel Fellowship's main entrance. Parking lot is located just across the street to the west.